Following the liquidity of XRP in three payment corridors, the Twitter bot revealed that the liquidity record breaking point has been reached in almost all three corridors.

XRP Liquidity Increases
In payment corridors created using Ripple’s On-Demand-Liquidity product, XRP takes advantage of the speed and low transaction fees offered by the cryptocurrency. For now, Ripple’s three largest payment corridors are known to be the Philippines, Australia and Mexico. The institution that mediates the payment corridor in Mexico is known as the Bitso crypto exchange, the institution that mediates the corridor in Australia, the BTC Markets platform, and the institution that mediates the Philippines corridor, the exchange.

According to data shared by the Liquidity Index Bot on Twitter, Bitso’s $ 33.5 million daily XRP transfer record was almost broken with the $ 29.5 million level reached today.

XRP is generally known to act independently of the Bitcoin price, and it can be thought that the increase achieved today is due to the liquidity of XRP, independent of BTC. The fact that there are serious increases in all three payment corridors shows that the interest of institutional investors in using XRP has also increased. This helps keep investors’ hopes for price increases fresh.


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