The Newton email client application, previously called CloudMagic, is back. The current resurrection of the service is already the third resumption of the platform, now under the command of members of its faithful community.

The new responsible for Newton are Justin Mitchell and Maitrik Kataria, two fans of the original project, who wrote about Newton’s new guidelines in a post on Medium. According to the duo, the idea is to create a “contingency plan” to keep the service up, build an independent business plan, add new functions, increase security and privacy and even bring a discount and rewards plan for long-term users. date.

Newton has a $ 50 annual subscription plan, but the new management is offering a 20% discount to new members and guaranteeing a three-month plan for those already in the community. The service’s official website is operating normally and accepting new registrations, which include a free trial period.

Falls and resumes
CloudMagic was originally launched in 2013 and quickly grew as a free and more professional alternative to Gmail. Upon becoming Newton Mail and gaining other platforms, the service started to be paid. With monetization difficulties, the platform announced the closure in September 2018.

Months later, cell phone maker Essential, led by an Android parent, Andy Rubin, purchased the product and relaunched Newton. However, Essential itself closed its doors in February 2020, leaving the platform aimless again.

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