According to Microsoft’s official statement, the next generation Windows will not be introduced at Build 2021.

Microsoft has long been aiming to completely refresh Windows 10 in terms of design and user experience. While all eyes are on the Build 2021 event for the next generation Windows version, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella made a number of statements about the expected version in the opening speech of the event.

CEO Nadella, who included the phrase next generation Windows in his statement, unfortunately did not mention whether this version will be published under the name of Windows 11 or under the umbrella of Windows 10. However, considering the company’s previous statements, it is thought that the next generation version will be released under the name Windows 10. Of course, it is worth noting that this is an assumption for now.

However, the company’s CEO also said that Windows 10 will not be announced as part of Microsoft Build 2021. Therefore, it is not known when the next generation Windows will be launched. Expressing that he is testing the new generation Windows, the CEO points out that we will meet the aforementioned version very soon.

Emphasizing that he is extremely excited about the new generation Windows, the CEO also said that with this release, they will make some changes on the built-in application store and as a result of these changes, they will reduce the commission they receive from developers. Apart from that, Nadella, who is hesitant to give any details about the new version, emphasizes that the biggest change will be in the interface design.


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