NFC will gain wireless charging support, reducing costs. NFC on mobile devices was providing data communication wirelessly. According to the announcement, NFC can also be used for charging.

As it is known, wireless charging support is available in top segment phones today. In some models, reverse charging has also met with users.

NFC wireless charging support will delight users
The wireless charging feature on smartphones started to attract more attention. There is even a race in this area by phone manufacturers. In order for this feature to be included in the models, it is necessary to enter a certain cost. However, with the NFC, which is also included in the middle segment phones, it has been confirmed that wireless charging can be done.

It was recorded that the charge could be made thanks to an antenna placed on a standard NFC hardware by sharing via NFC Forum. Charging process was 1 W. Although it is a rather low speed for now, an important step has been taken for NFC wireless charging technology.

Today, many flagship models have started to use the wired fast charging speed of mid-segment phones as the wireless charging speed. It is stated that NFC can provide high speed support in the coming time.

In addition, NFC can also transfer data during charging. In other words, file exchange will be possible while the phone is being charged.

This technology can be used for smart watches, fitness trackers, wireless headphones, digital pens, etc. It can be used in other products.

The hardware information required to use the technology has not yet been shared, but this feature is expected to be available on new NFC chips. In other words, it does not seem possible for devices with NFC to charge wirelessly.


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