The CEO of the leading US-based crypto platform Coinbase, together with CFO Alesia Haas, organized a Reddit AMA. The two talk about NFTs, DeFi space and Satoshi Nakamoto



In a Reddit AMA, Brian Armstrong and his colleague from Coinbase answered the top-rated questions. He shared details of Coinbase’s upcoming “direct listing” process and discussed hot topics in the industry.

Coinbase’s Armstrong shares his views on DEXs and NFTs

First, Armstrong answered a series of questions about Coinbase’s highly anticipated listing on NASDAQ. He admitted that his $ COIN shares would not be available on the “crypto-only” exchange. He also claims that the release of a security-focused crypto token is not on his team’s agenda. We were then asked about the decentralized exchange segment and the advantages of a centralized exchange such as Coinbase over modern DEXs.

Armstrong highlighted that his team is focused on providing better pricing to all customers. To achieve this goal, major brokerage products can even split orders across multiple exchanges, including decentralized ones. Therefore, DEXs will be accessible by Coinbase for established crypto holders.

He compared this approach with that of Jeff Bezos in his early days. Once Amazon starts offering third-party products on its platform, Coinbase can offer seamless DEX integrations to enhance the customers’ experience.

Speaking of NFTs, Armstrong once again summarized the “customer first” policy of his product. Because customers are interested in NFTs (Coinbase wallet can already store them). Armstrong thinks it is possible to add NFT specific functionality to the main application.


Respect for Satoshi

As discussed earlier, the mysterious Bitcoin (BTC) inventor Satoshi Nakamoto was mentioned as a designated buyer in Coinbase’s documents. This eccentric move triggered another wave of speculation on Crypto Twitter.

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Coinbase leaders explained that this is nothing more than paying homage to the creator of the cryptocurrency.

I thank Satoshi whoever he is. He helped create this whole industry.

It should be noted that Coinbase is on the verge of listing on NASDAQ, the first cryptocurrency company to go public on the stock market.


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