Tom Holland fans decided to play and his name became one of the most talked about on Twitter after saying that he is the father of Nicki Minaj’s son. Do not understand anything? Relax, we’ll explain.

In 2019, a fanfic went viral on social media that told the story of the most random love triangle: Tom Holland, Nicki Minaj and James Charles. At the time, it ended up becoming a meme and of course fans take a few moments to remember this love story and play.

That’s what happened last Monday, 20, when the internet came across the name of the “Spider-Man” actor in the Trending Topics. Fans took advantage of the fact that the rapper had just announced she was pregnant and decided to play, saying that her father is the Brit. One person even made a thread telling why Tom is a great father:

Others fell for the joke and were shocked by the false information that Tom was a father:

“Wait, is Tom Holland the father of Nicki Minaj’s baby, is it real or a catch?”

But it was all just a meme created by fans who had fun reliving this fanfic.


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