Nicolas Cage will play Joe Exotic, the star of the popular Netflix documentary series “Tiger King: Muder Mayhem and Madness,” in a new scripted television series according to a recent report.

The eight-episode limited series will be produced by Image Television Studios and CBS Television Studios. The series will be based on the monthly Texas article: “Joe Exotic: A Dark Journey into the World of a Wild Man” by Leif Reigstad.

Imagine Entertainment’s Brian Grazer and Samie Kim Falvey will be executive producers. Cage will also get executive producer credit through Saturn Films, the report comes through Variety.

The series will tell the story of Joe Exotic, following Joe’s efforts to keep his struggling zoo under increased scrutiny and attempts by outside forces to shut it down.

The series aims to examine how, now named Joseph Allen Maldonado Passage, he became the famous “Joe Exotic”.

In 2019, Maldonado-Passage was convicted of 17 federal animal abuse charges as well as two counts of murder on the loose for conspiring to kill Carole Baskin.


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