The echoes of the murder of the black citizen George Lloyd by the police continue in the United States a few days ago. Large firms also support the people of the USA, who react after the terrible event that resonates worldwide.

After May 25, George Floyd was killed by a police officer in Minneapolis, USA, citizens of the country reacted greatly to the incident. Nike, one of the giant companies, did not hesitate to accept racism in the country, but to invite people to take a stand against racism. The famous brand showed that it was in the face of the sad event with an advertisement it published.

It has been known that people across the country have been protesting racism and police violence since the death of George Floyd. It is said that Nike company, which has been commented that it is not afraid of defending justice in the face of various events in recent years, has also indicated where it stood about the events that took place in America and divided the country. The ad opens with the slogan ‘Force One, Don’t do it’, which is the opposite of the company’s world-famous slogan, ‘Just do it’.

Sharing was seen by many:

During the commercial with piano music, white text flowing on a black background can be seen. The advertisement, which tells that racism should not be made as if there is no racism in the USA and should not be turned to racism, takes 1 minute in total. The post is visible as we shared above on Nike’s official YouTube channel. Let’s also add that the video was shared with Nike’s recent popular call for equality, #UntilWeAllWin.

Nike’s attitude on this matter is known and appreciated, with the national starter protest to condemn racism, social injustice and police violence, and so many campaigns with Colin Kaepernick, who were excluded from the NFL body. Let’s look at the brand, which does not ignore the real problems in social life, what will be the next goal and when and how will the waters be stopped in the USA after this situation?


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