Increasing the time people spend at home due to Covid-19 continues to increase the demand for games and game consoles worldwide.

Japan-based game giant Nintendo is currently running a frenetic operation. While a very, very large part of the world population is closed to their homes due to Covid-19, the time spent at home causes an increase in interest in games.

We know that the hours spent at home also have a positive effect on game consoles and game sales. But finally, the news from Nintendo can understand that the dimensions of the interest are a little more serious. According to an interview with Nintendo’s powers to Nikkei, the company alarmed its suppliers to increase Nintendo Switch production.

Currently, Nintendo Switch stocks cannot be found in some countries. Trying to keep up with demand, Nintendo also passes orders to its suppliers to increase production capacity. Among the news that some parts suppliers received 50 percent more orders than planned between April and June. The interesting thing is that Nintendo already supplies some parts from China, where the corona virus outbreak has already come out. Stopping and slowing down of some production lines in China and Asia may have already slowed down Nintendo Switch production. However, the growing interest in recent developments shows that Nintendo has taken steps to compensate for this period.

Those who stay at home give themselves to the game
Some figures from the research company’s Nielsen also support this decision. Because, according to Nielsen, the time spent by the players in the USA increased by 45 percent and by 38 percent in France. There are also other data that prove the increased interest. For example, the research company NPD Group, which released March 2020 data for hardware sales in the gaming world, underlines that there were twice as many Nintendo Switch sales in March 2020 than in March 2019.

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Another detail that increases the sales of Nintendo Switch is the launch of New Horizon, the latest game of Animal Crossing, one of Nintendo’s cult games. According to the Japanese game magazine Famitsu, this game only managed to sell 3 million copies in the first three weeks. Considering that there are players who bought Nintendo Switch consoles even for just this game, the reasons after this capacity increase become even more understandable. Nintendo, which announced that it produced 20 million units in the fiscal year ending March 2020, is expected to produce 22 million units by 10 percent increase by March 2021.


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