Nintendo Switch System Update 12.0.0 fixes the data save backup feature.Nintendo Switch System Update 12.0.0 by Nintendo has been released worldwide.

On the other hand, the release notes of the firmware update do not give much detailed information.

Judging by the name of version 12.0.0, it might be a major update for Nintendo’s popular hybrid game console, but the release notes show that the update only fixes a data save backup feature. It is noteworthy that the firmware update does not even add more stability to the Switch. Of course, Nintendo can be sure that it has made the Switch fairly stable with updates over the past four years.

The explanation in the release notes is as follows:

“We fixed the problem with the data save backup feature; In rare cases, if a communication error occurred during the completion of the data save backup process, the automatic backup of the recorded data was interrupted.

You may find this information helpful for steps on checking if the error has occurred or what to do if the error has already occurred. ”

However, as with most major Switch updates, there is a possibility that the new system update contains extensive changes or fixes that were not included in the release notes. What these changes are, can show themselves over time.

Meanwhile, claims about a 4K Switch model with a 7-inch Samsung OLED display that will use NVIDIA DLSS technology continue to be made. Better processor and more memory are also expected for the model. The price is likely to be 399 euros. There is no explanation yet about the existence of such a model from the Nintendo front.


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