Nintendo Switch News: Which is the biggest, the Nintendo Switch or the Steam Deck? Let’s take a look at the measurements and weight of this new platform


This week, Valve Corporation revealed a new platform based on the SteamOS operating system, which is called the Steam Deck. This portable system aims to allow gamers to enjoy Steam titles anywhere.

Precisely because of the above, the comparisons with the Nintendo Switch began, the only console of this type that is relevant in the market. And there was something that many wondered.

The Nintendo Switch has three different models

What is the size of the Nintendo Switch compared to the Steam Deck? In that sense, it should be noted that while there is only one model of the Valve system, there are two of Nintendo’s system and a new one is on the way.

There are the regular, the Lite and the OLED. So it doesn’t hurt to take a look at the measurements of each of them. As for the first, it measures 10.16 x 23.88 x 1.4 cm, weighing just 399 grams. What about the Lite?

This is the smallest model of the Switch, and that is why it is only 9 x 20 x 1.4 cm, weighing 277 grams. As for the OLED, it is the largest and heaviest of this family of hybrid consoles. It measures 10.16 x 24.13 x 1.4 cm, and weighs 426.38 grams.

Despite this it should feel quite light in almost any player’s hands. Now, when it comes to Valve’s machine, its measurements surpass any model of the Nintendo system.

Steam Deck is heavier than any Switch

The Steam Deck measures 11.7 x 29.8 x 4.9 cm, making it wider, longer and thicker than any Nintendo Switch. In fact, it’s almost the size of a 12-inch school ruler, just to give you a good idea. As for its weight, it is 699 grams.

Some believe that this system, after a while, could make a player more tired due to their greater weight. It’s even bigger and heavier than the Wii U GamePad itself, which was around 500 grams.

Will the weight change the larger the internal storage space of the Steam Deck? That is something that should be seen, since the aforementioned only applies to the model with 64GB, not to the other configurations.

You can imagine that these types of details will be shared as the system approaches its departure. That will be sometime in December of this year, and reservations are already open on Valve’s site for this platform.


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