There have been some leaks in the past days about old Pokemon games. BroadOn servers used by the company to develop software were hacked and the Nintendo Wii source code was leaked.

Many beta designs, especially the source codes of game consoles and games prepared during the Gen 2 era, leaked a lot of data about the company. It was also announced that the full code, design files and many documents of the Nintendo Wii model were leaked.

“As you know, Pokemon debug ROM files, ROM files of Nintendo DSi and 3DS models have leaked in the past weeks. Today we are facing the most important leak files. Almost all the information about the Wii model has been leaked. ” statements took place.

Among the leaked content, boot0 / 1/2 source code, system components and Verilog schemes, API systems created for software, iOS SDK and source code, GameCube and iQue content are among the leaked documents.

Thanks to the shared Verilog files, many people learned how the Wii model was produced and the details of the circuit diagram. Some analysts stated that new content will also appear within the leaked information and shared a demo about the old content.


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