It turned out that Apple, who was looking for a manufacturer to work with for the electric car project, could not advance negotiations with Nissan, as well as Japanese automotive.

New information has been leaked following Apple’s unsuccessful collaboration attempts with Hyundai and Kia on the electric car project. According to the Financial Times report, Apple, Nissan cooperation talks were terminated without progress.

According to the published report, one of the biggest reasons for the negative results of Apple’s negotiations with Nissan Motor is that the Japanese automotive company has not reached the desired level in autonomous vehicles. Therefore, it is claimed that the negotiations were terminated early before reaching the senior management level. Another reason is that Nissan does not want to be a contract manufacturer because it thinks it will negatively affect the loyalty of its consumer base.

Weak than Nissan autonomous driving technologies
Ashwani Gupta, Nissan’s COO, told the Financial Times that all the company’s efforts to develop and manufacture vehicles must translate to the satisfaction of the brand’s own customers. It is stated that Nissan is open to partnership with other companies in the field of autonomous driving and for now, it has plans to adapt the autonomous driving technologies it has bought from these companies to its own products.

Rumors of a collaboration between Apple and Nissan caused a rise in Nissan stocks for a short time. However, in an interview with Reuters, representatives of the Japanese manufacturer said that there were no talks with Apple.


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