Japan-based automaker Nissan changed its logo 20 years later. Nissan’s underlying logo change is the increasing digitalization of life. Nissan’s new logo will begin to appear on physical and digital channels this month.

It announced that it has renewed its logo. With this statement, the logo that Nissan has been using for 20 years and which is in the memory of everyone who has knowledge about the company, has been removed to the dusty shelves of history. Nissan’s new logo will begin to appear on digital and physical channels as of July.

The reason why Nissan changed its logo after 20 years is actually the digitalization process that has caused many car manufacturers to change their logo in recent years. Nissan considers digital life as important as physical life. Based on this idea, the company gave up its old logo. Nissan’s new logo is quite noticeable.

Nissan’s brand change work is not a new decision. So much so that the company has been in this process since 2017, even thinking about a three-dimensional logo in the first place, but the final version of the logo creates an impression that it is two-dimensional. The drawings of the logo, which started to be created based on the words thin, light and flexible, are guided by the words “be passionate, be innovative and be rival”.

Nissan’s new logo was led by Nissan Advanced Design Department Deputy General Manager Tsutomu Matsuo. Making a statement about their work, Matsuo establishes the following sentences: The Y’New Nissan logo conveys our guiding message: If you have a strong belief, it will penetrate even the sun. This strong belief in the power of success at Nissan has never changed, and this can be seen in our pioneering efforts in electrification, driver assistance and digital connectivity. Our logo must convey all this at a glance to show our commitment to our customers, employees and society. ‘

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The promotional video created for Nissan’s new logo is as follows:


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