Nissan has announced its new generation electric car Ariya, which promises to provide drivers with a brand new electric car experience. The new company’s new SUV will be one of the competitors of Tesla Model Y.

Nissan Ariya, which appeared as a concept car at the Tokyo Motor Show last year, was officially introduced today as the new generation electric car of the Japanese car manufacturer. The vehicle can compete with Tesla Model Y with its features, interesting design and price.

The new Nissan Ariya will be in front of the drivers with four different versions. In the top version, the maximum range will be 480 kilometers on a single charge. In the entry-level model, the range will be reduced to 360 kilometers. Even the budget-friendly (!) Model of Tesla Model Y has a maximum range that pushes 500 kilometers, but the starting price of Model Y is 10 thousand dollars higher than Nissan Ariya.

Nissan Ariya will offer 360 kilometers of range and a top speed of 159 km / h in its 218 hp entry-level version

While the entry-level version of Ariya has a single 218-horsepower electric motor that provides front-wheel drive, we see a dual electric motor that produces a total of 394 horsepower when we come to the top version. Single engine versions can accelerate 0-100 km / h in 7.5 seconds, and dual engine versions in 5.1 seconds. It should also be noted that there is a maximum speed of 159 km / h in the single engine version and 200 km / h in the double engine version.

When we look at the interior design of the vehicle, we see a front console with wooden design details and two 12-inch touch screens. One of these screens is in the middle as an infotainment system, and the other is behind the steering wheel as an instrument panel. The car with wireless update support also has Nissan’s ProPilot ASSIST 2.0 driving assistant, so you can travel hands-free, just like Tesla models.

It will be exciting to see how ProPilot ASSIST 2.0 in Nissan Ariya will perform in other countries, as Nissan has been offering hands-free driving support only in Japan so far. The Japanese automaker will launch its next-generation electric SUV in mid-2021. The starting price of the entry-level version of Nissan Ariya has been announced as 40 thousand dollars.

More photos of the Nissan Ariya


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