Around 150 applications made to the Ministry of Commerce by companies that want to trade with Huawei are still pending. It turned out that the ministry started to cancel some applications.

Under a heavy embargo by the USA, Huawei has been licensed for business activities with US companies or with foreign companies that use a certain proportion of US equipment. Firms apply to the Ministry of Commerce to obtain a license, but the Ministry has made things even more difficult.

License requests are denied
After all trade relations with Huawei are licensed, companies naturally apply to the Ministry and request permission. It is stated that a total of 150 license requests of 120 billion dollars have already been made.

The ministry was responding to these demands after certain reviews, but in the last days of the Trump government, the rules have become stricter. It is stated that the Ministry has canceled 8 license permits from 4 companies. This is of course only the amount of information available. There is no information on how many other of these are there.

Huawei cannot access new processes such as 5nm or 7nm, but it was raised that it could obtain license permission for 14nm and earlier. Probably revoked licenses are related to these. On the other hand, it is stated that pending requests are also answered late. Some sources claim that the Joe Biden government is expected to take office.


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