The circular MuteMe accessory with touch pad turns off the microphone and changes its color when you touch it. So you can see the status of the microphone.

With the pandemic, both live lectures and virtual job interviews cause us to spend a significant amount of time in front of the camera. Such long meeting times can cause accidents from time to time.

What is MuteMe?
Seeking support on Kickstarter, the MuteMe accessory is a device that allows you to mute the microphone in sudden situations. The microphone mutes or becomes active again when you touch the touchpad.

The perimeter of the device has RGB lighting. Green is active when the microphone is on, red is active when it is off. Different combinations can be determined for color blindness. Thus, the user can tell from the color whether the microphone is on or not.

The accessory connected to the computer via USB does not need to be installed and can be used directly. The $ 29 donation project is about to be completed and shipments are starting as of April.


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