Google rolled up sleeves to make Android safer. Google will prohibit installing apps from outside the Play Store. The new security move is based on the firm’s worldwide attacks.

Google continues to clean Play Store
Malware made for phones, users; Bitcoin scams are serious issues that threaten with theft, such as ransomware and stealing identity information. Open source applications on Google’s Android operating systems make the platform more vulnerable than iOS. For this reason, dangerous applications that Android users should avoid can be found in the Play Store.

Google has now decided to clean the Play Store. Preparing to expel malicious apps and developers with better scanning and analysis, Google will no longer allow external applications to be installed outside the Play Store.

9Game poses a threat to users
A recent report at RiskIQ states that while there are 25,000 potentially harmful apps in the Play Store, this number dropped an impressive 76.4 percent in 2019. The app flagged by Google’s security controllers is blacklisted directly. However, the real big threat for Android users is due to apps from elsewhere.

There are dozens of stores that do not have the same security and security levels as the Play Store. According to RiskIQ, the top three most productive app stores in 2019 were the Google Play Store, Apple App Store and 9Game, a store in China. This Chinese store 9Game is home to 61,669 blacklisted apps.


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