The Nokia 5.4 features, which we featured in our news yesterday, managed to attract the attention of users. The phone, which has not yet been sold in our country but continues to sell in different parts of the world, came up with a brand new announcement today. In the announcement made for Nokia 2.2, it was stated that a safer phone experience was offered to users. The February 2021 security patch continues to come to phones one by one. In addition to phones such as Samsung and Xiaomi, Nokia brand phones have started to receive updates.



As you remember, February 2021 updates came to many phone models last week. While the new update closes most of the security gaps in phones, it also makes the phones work more stable. Today, Nokia 5.4 and Nokia 2.2 joined the phone models that received the February 2021 update.


Nokia 5.4 February 2021 Update

Nokia 2.2, which was launched in 2019 and meets the expectations with its Android-based structure, is not reproduced today. This phone model, which is not very popular in our country, did not disappoint Nokia’s expectations with its sales. The phone, which attracts attention with its moderate structure, has not neglected to receive various updates until today. It is stated that the update is on the air in India, while the new update is coming for the 5.4 model, which is not on the agenda. Nokia 2.2 offered the update to its users in Indonesia and Spain.

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The phone models, which became more secure with the February 2021 update, have also closed their gaps thanks to the specified update. The 16MP update for the 5.4 model is gradually shared with users. The update will be shared with users in other countries on different days and times. The Nokia 2.2 update has a size of 20MB. The room will offer the update gradually to its users.


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