Acquired by HMD Global and offering new smartphones to the market since 2016, the company is trying to return to its old days. Today, when Chinese smartphone manufacturers dominate the market, the company is preparing to introduce its new phones with designs that were very popular for a period. Nokia clamshell phone design with the integration of today’s hardware to drive a new model to the market.



Nokia clamshell phone specifications

The model number of the phone appearing in the FCC certification database is officially TA-1295. The phone is expected to arrive with Kai OS. There will also be a nano SIM slot and WiFi 2.4 GHz, and there will be a camera on the back of the phone, which is expected to have 4G LTE connection. The phone battery capacity will be 1500 mAh and it will come with a 5W charger. The phone will be released at an affordable price and will feature many features found in today’s smartphones. Ideal for users who miss the old design, the phone will be equipped to meet all the needs of entry-level users.

It is estimated that the phone, which will be released by HMD Global, will not be available in some countries because it comes with Kai OS installed. Users will use the Kai app store to install apps on the phone. We expect the company to introduce and sell its phone with this design in a short time.


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