According to reports, HMD Global is looking for a User Experience Specialist for its Nokia smartphones. The company’s plan is to design its own Android interface.

Since Finnish telecommunications giant Nokia returned to the smartphone industry under the umbrella of HMD Global, it has built a huge fan base, especially thanks to fast software updates and low-cost Android One smartphones. It seems that Nokia plans to further improve the user experience in the coming period.

Nokia has posted a new job posting on LinkedIn, a platform dedicated to the business world, and announced that it is looking for a User Experience Specialist (UX designer). While the description doesn’t contain too many details, it does offer two options for Nokia’s future plans. Nokia is either planning to develop its own user interface or preparing to change the interface in third-party applications.

An official statement from the company is expected
Since low-cost Nokia smartphones are almost always included with the Android One platform, they come with the default Android interface. Also, Nokia prefers a pure Android interface even for its non-Android One smartphones. Nokia may want to change this by improving the original user interface.

Android One does not prevent companies from offering their own preinstalled apps. Therefore, Nokia may want to develop new custom applications or improve the interfaces of existing applications, rather than developing a complete interface. For more information, Nokia is expected to make an official statement.


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