According to some information emerging today, HMD Global is preparing to launch a number of new phones, up to Nokia 1.4, Nokia 7.3 and Nokia 7.4. The model, which will be released at the earliest, is scheduled to be introduced in February. It will likely be the affordable Nokia 1.4. Many of the phone’s features are already known. Nokia in 2021



Next on the list are the Nokia 6.3 and 6.4 5G and are expected to be introduced late in the first quarter of this year or early in the second quarter. The code name “Quicksilver”, which appeared the other day, is believed to belong to Nokia 6.3 / 6.4 5G.

Finally, the Nokia 7.3 / 7.4 5G is expected to arrive as early as late February or March as we mentioned earlier.

It appears that Nokia is planning to launch at least four smartphones with 5G connectivity during 2021. Nokia 5.5 and Nokia 8.4 models are also on the way. It is likely to launch these devices in the second quarter of Nokia 2021.

This may be telling us that maybe Nokia will regain the value it lost in 2021. In particular, the arrival of these models with 5G support indicates that Nokia will now see better days from its old clumsiness, on the other hand, we do not think that Samsung, Apple, OPPO, Xiaomi etc. There are very assertive brands that have proven themselves. Nokia still can’t even come close to these brands. Where do we hear you saying those old Nokia’s?

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