North Korea’s official news agency, KCNA, shared the information that a coronavirus suspect was detected for the first time in the country. The coronavirus suspect and the ‘specific region’ were quarantined with strict measures.

The coronavirus, which was first seen in Wuhan, China in December of last year and spread to the whole of China and then to the whole world, continues to affect our life today. Although many countries in the world have taken extensive measures against the virus, the virus is breaking new records every day.

The virus, which has been intense in European countries since March, has been seen in almost all countries today. However, North Korea, which is closed to the outside world, continued to explain that they have not seen any coronavirus cases to date. Today, a first took place for the country, and North Korea announced for the first time that a coronavirus case was suspected.

The first virus suspect in the country was announced:

According to the news shared by North Korea’s official news agency KCNA today, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un held an urgent meeting due to illness from a person who entered the country illegally through the city of Kaesong. Officials announced that the person who fled to South Korea 3 years ago entered the country on July 19.

The North Korean staff, which convened urgently with the decision of Kim Jong-un, decided to declare a state of emergency in the ‘specific area’. The region where the incident occurred was quarantined with strict measures. However, the person who was allegedly illegally entering the country and suspected of coronavirus was quarantined.

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Whether a person with suspected coronavirus is carrying the virus in North Korea has not yet been officially disclosed. The spread of coronavirus in the country is thought to be quite dangerous, as there are many regions that fight poverty in the country. We do not know what will happen in the country in the coming days.

The coronavirus, which continues to show its effect all over the world, has infected 16 million people in total according to the data announced so far and caused 644 thousand people to die. Cases with coronavirus have been most common in the United States to date.


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