As MediaTek accelerated competition with Qualcomm, Ericsson, like most mobile companies, began to consider rising from its ashes like the Phoenix. The Swedish firm is expected to make a new breakthrough. However, we have to say that this is not about smartphones for now, but about powering 5G networks.



Swisscom, OPPO and Ericsson agreed to collaborate on 5G connectivity deployment and collaborated with MediaTek. According to the DigiTimes report, MediaTek has agreed with these companies to provide 5G CA connectivity between frequency division duplex low band (FDD) and time division bi-directional midband. In the long run, we do not know if Ericsson uses this technology while producing smartphones, but it is known that it will make a great contribution to 5G technology.

According to JS Pan, General Manager of Wireless Communication System and Partnership at MediaTek, this cooperation was previously made between Swisscon, OPPO and Ericsson. The 5G partnership will enable MediaTek to dominate the European market. Since 2020, we see that it started to close the gap with Qualcomm. According to JS Pan, NR CA in Dimensity series chipsets is designed to support multiple configurations and native VoNR support.

VoNR represents an important step in the transition to the 5G SA system. Thanks to this innovative move, MediaTek will minimize delay in next-generation mass IoT deployments. We look forward to new developments.


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