Black Widow News: Breaking good and bad records.


Many people were waiting for the premiere of Black Widow, the latest Marvel adventure, starring Natasha Romanoff. After all, it was the first film within the MCU, after just over two years without a new entry, and it would also mark the character’s solo debut.

Although the premiere of Black Widow broke a pandemic record, generating a box office of $ 80 million dollars. Now, it seems like it will break another record, but in a negative way, as the film is suffering the worst box office collapse in the history of the MCU.

A considerable drop for Black Widow

What we mean by a box office crash is that the movie generated a much smaller profit on its second weekend. Although it is normal for the attendees to decrease over time, it normally takes about a month to reach the levels that Black Widow reached.

The most recent Marvel movie saw a 67.5% decline in revenue, marking the worst box office drop in Marvel movie history. This translates to a profit of $ 26 million, throughout the United States.

Faced with this failure of Black Widow, the US cinema association released a statement in which it blames Disney for this situation: ‘Despite assuring us that this improvised premiere strategy, in the era of pandemic, was a success for Disney and the simultaneous release model, this shows that an exclusive theatrical release means more profit for shareholders in each part of a film’s life cycle ‘

What this statement, published by Variety magazine, refers to is the simultaneous launch in cinemas and the streaming service, Disney +. Black Widow can be enjoyed on the platform at an extra cost if you still don’t feel safe enough to leave the house.

The possible cause

Although the model has worked for other films of the company, such as Cruella starring Emma Stone. There is no clear answer as to what may have caused this collapse with Black Widow. Critics have put it as one of the best MCU entries and there are many positive comments about it on the networks.

One theory could be that due to ‘word of mouth’ recommendations, many people chose not to watch it until it is free on Disney +. This may have to do with the perception of his villain, Taskmaster, who many fans think was wasted, and has also caused a stir due to a decision made by the writers regarding his secret identity.

Although we do not have a real reason. The truth is that it is a great stumbling block for the house of ideas and perhaps for movies starring heroines. It will be a matter of time to see if this affects Marvel’s decisions when launching future projects. Do you think Black Widow can be recovered? What do you think caused the collapse?


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