Avatar News: Dante Basco, Prince Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender, confesses that he never thought the series would be as successful as it is now


Today, it is clear to many that Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of the best known and most popular animated series. His success on Netflix, and the expectation that his projects for Paramount + have generated are one more example of that.

That is why it is interesting to hear that some of the actors who participated in it did not think that it would become so relevant. That came out in an interview published this week.

Dante Basco and Janet Varney participated in an interview

Those who participated were Janet Varney, who played Korra in Avatar: The Legend of Korra, and Dante Basco, who played Prince Zuko in The Last Airbender.

It was through a Zoom session that they were asked what the fans of their time were like compared to today. In that sense, Basco started talking about TikTok and its great popularity. He later commented on the series for which he is so remembered his work.

“I can’t believe that a project that we did 15 years ago will reappear during this pandemic and then the fire that ensues, and how everyone feels about it,” he said, referring to his relaunch on Netflix in 2020.

They told him if he thought that after so long people would continue to talk about the series, and he replied without hesitation “zero. He had no idea at all. ‘ Later, he explained why he came to think of the above.

Avatar: The Last Airbender Still in the Public’s Taste

‘I had no idea this show would air when I did the pilot episode for the first time … this is not really Nickelodeon, this is an epic story inspired by anime and Asia, about a boy trying to save the world’ stated Dante Basco.

To the above, he added ‘that doesn’t really feel like SpongeBob or Catdog to me. It is not perceived as something from Nickelodeon. ‘ He wasn’t the only one who thought that way. So did Varney.

“This is how [as actors] we are conditioned,” noted Janet Varney. She continued with, ‘the more special we think something is, the more we think,’ I can almost hear the death knell. ‘ This is too good. They will never let me follow him. ‘

Basco finished with “I still didn’t understand the phenomenon that Avatar was until years later.” He even revealed that had he met him, he would have kept his scripts. How much would they be worth now at auction?


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