Regarding the increased privacy in Bitcoin transactions, famous cryptocurrency educator Andreas Antonopoulos stated that Dash should not be seen as a privacy coin and said:



“Dash is not a privacy coin. It is as special as Bitcoin. It just has far less liquidity and usage. Therefore the anonymity set is worse. There is only [as far as I know] a “mythology” of stealth that is not based on facts. ”

Not different from bitcoin

This comment points out that the technical nature of Dash is no different from that of Bitcoin when it comes to privacy. Moreover, last week, in line with Dash’s 200% price increase and a 282% increase in trading volume, it shows that different transactions by regulators and exchanges may not be consistent.

Both Dash and Bitcoin use CoinJoin, a method of pooling funds often from several different users to ensure privacy. Dash differentiates itself from the major Bitcoin forks in this domain by using the masternode network (rather than separate servers) to coordinate mixing between the parties.

Dash, which was created in 2014, changed its current name “Digital Cash” in 2015 as its focus shifted to the usage of daily payments.

Since then, Dash has developed the Dash Platform, a decentralized application and digital identity layer, built into testnet at the end of 2020.

This platform provides a much easier user experience for the end user, including human-readable usernames and contact lists.


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