As the C ++ team at Ripple shared yesterday, the expected moment has come: Version 1.7.0 of Rippled will be released.

So why is this development important? Rippled is server software that powers the XRP ledger and is used by nodes as a reference application on the network. With version 1.7.0, node operators will see “more than 50% improvement in the real world,” according to the RippleX team.

In mid-December, Ripple CTO David Schwartz reported spectacular performance improvements during the initial testing of version 1.7. In his comment on the optimization performance of the network, Schwartz said it was “incredibly promising”. At that time, Schwartz ran a test in which his server was shut down, waited 60 seconds, and then restarted to simulate a restart to update code or similar processes.

In the test, Schwartz measured memory consumption, data throughput rates and time required, and explained that the old version “took 82 seconds, peaking at 5.2 GB of memory consumption and 73,000 nodes / second.” He said that the optimized version peaked at 37 seconds, 2.2 GB of memory consumption and 327,000 knots / second.

As Ripple points out, the C ++ team has spent a significant amount of time focusing on how to better exploit existing system resources in 2020. And this job now seems to pay off. All changes in version 1.7.0 lead to a total memory savings of over 50%, in some places using 7GB less RAM than the original code. Since December, results have been tested by the community such as Alloy Networks:

“We are excited to say that these changes will be part of the upcoming release of Rippled 1.7.0, as we have confirmed. […] We are proud to report that the improvements we contributed to version 1.7.0 of Rippled, our reference application for the XRP Ledger server, reduced memory usage by less than half compared to previous versions. ”

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A new version of the XRP Ledger server’s reference application is expected to be released soon.


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