Android 11 based One UI 3.0 update for Samsung Galaxy phones eliminates the option to hide the camera notch. Users complain about not being able to hide the front camera.

Today, many manufacturers include notched screens on their smartphones. However, most consumers are not very happy with this design trend. This is why many devices have an option to hide a notch in their firmware.

The Android 11-based One UI 3.0 update released for Samsung smartphones seems to have eliminated this useful feature. Because users complain that they cannot find this setting after updating their devices.

Under-screen camera technology coming
The notch hiding option on Galaxy phones added a black strip to the top of the screen to hide the front camera. In this way, the users got rid of the notch that spoiled the eye pleasures with a software solution.

It is not yet clear whether the option to hide the camera notch was deliberately removed or if it was a software bug. In the meantime, let’s remind you that Samsung is working on under-screen camera technology that will solve the notch problem.

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