BBK Holding is a company that is the largest producer in the world today. Yes, it is bigger than Samsung, Huawei and Apple. Of course, this size occurs with the merger of OPPO, Vivo, realme, iQOO and OnePlus companies. All of these manufacturers are managed separately, but all of them are under the roof of BBK Holding. Carl Pei, one of the most popular of these companies and one of the founders of OnePlus, who is at another point with his own fans, made a statement in October and announced that he was leaving OnePlus. Some 3 months passed and Carl Pei announced the brand “Nothing”. Today, we thought about whether Nothing could be a BBK Holding organization.



Could such a thing really happen? Obviously, we do not know the answer to this question, but there are situations as follows. If you remember, we were given the impression that the OnePlus brand was founded by a group of young people who left OPPO. It was as if Carl Pei and Pete Lau (many people think they were the same person) left OPPO and founded a telephone company with the money in their pockets. Today, the same feeling is created about Nothing.

Another example is Apple founder Steve Jobs, whom we remember with longing and respect. Two years after Steve Jobs was fired from the Apple Board of Directors, he was able to found the Nest company and started working on his computer named Lisa; and Steve Jobs had a lot of money …

Obviously, this Nothing firm may be a structure that came out of OnePlus like the matryoshka doll. Well now many people will say; Why might a brand need a smaller brand? The answer to this question is simple. When a manufacturer wants to sell products to wider markets and feels that he cannot make a price break with his main brand, he enters the market with a new brand and can put the desired price on the product he wants. You can take a closer look at how realme and Redmi brands operate in the Indian market.

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Carl Pei is a very smart and talented man. Just like OPPO CEO Tony Chen, a manager with “light” but not crazy enough to start a “cell phone company” on his own. Because this market you will appreciate that; “I did it” market is no longer …

The scent of the work will come soon; let’s write this already …


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