iPhone News: In the rivalry between iPhone and Android, one side is getting closer to losing step by step. Because the statistics are there, users are switching devices!


It is actually not very rational to compare Android, which is an operating system, with the smartphone of a well-established technology giant. However, there are some statistics that force us to make this comparison. One of them appeared in the lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games. According to the figures, between the third quarter of 2019 and the third quarter of 2020, between 12% and 26% of iPhone users switched to another device. Of course, Apple does not reveal the names of the devices, but these models are most likely Android devices. Here are the latest details in the fight between iPhone and Android…

iPhone and Android Competition Benefit Manufacturers

These data reveal the loyalty of their customers to them as a result of Apple’s own market research. The change between the third quarters of 2019 and 2020 can be viewed as follows.

According to the table, 19% of iPhone users switched devices in the third quarter of 2019. Between the first two quarters of 2020, more than a quarter of users seem to have made device changes. This increase is actually quite interesting because the iPhone 12 series was launched in the third quarter of the same year. What we need to understand from here is that it is not known whether the iOS ship started to sink and left its place to Android, but if things go like this, serious losses may occur for Apple.

One reason for this search for alternatives may be due to the economic conditions created by the pandemic. Considering that, users may give a chance to the cheaper Android models instead of the relatively higher-paid iPhone models.


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