The case of litigation, which we have seen many times on the game side in recent days, is now opened to Google because of Stadia. You can find the details in our news.

In the gaming world, it has always been seen that companies have been sued, but the number of lawsuits filed in the last few months has been quite high. First, CD Projekt was sued for Cyberpunk 2077. Sony has also been sued for the controller in the past weeks. Now, Google is sued for Stadia.

The lawsuit is actually not just against Google; Bungie and id Software are also sued, which means that the game world is again facing a class action lawsuit. The reason for the lawsuit is that Destiny 2 and Doom Eternal do not offer native 4K resolution at 60 FPS in Stadia.

Google had said that those who bought Stadia’s top-tier subscription can play the 4K version of the games. However, as a result of the tests, it was revealed that Destiny 2 and Doom Eternal did not offer native 4K, and the games were only upscaled.

As a result of the lawsuit filed with the idea that Google Stadia’s features were misrepresented, the party who filed a lawsuit seeks financial compensation for Stadia subscribers.

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