Xiaomi, which has been making a name for itself with the Mi 11 series, continues to make new developments. Although the Chinese giant, which will continue to offer high performance experience for cheap, will burn the pockets with its new flagships, it will continue to reach millions in the world. The company, which meets the expectations with the television models as well as the phones it produces, will now touch the swelling batteries, which have become the biggest problem of the phones.



Nowadays, as everyone knows, as the life of the batteries is exhausted, it swells and if this swelling is not noticed, it can lead to explosions. For example, you have a Xiaomi Mi A2 phone and you cannot see the battery of the device, how will you know if the battery is swollen or not healthy. Here Xiaomi has noticed this situation and is preparing to sign an innovation in this field.


Xiaomi Receives A New Patent For Swelling Batteries

We want to give information about this innovation without further ado. The Chinese company, making new patent announcements, will come to the rescue of users for the phones whose batteries are swollen. Thanks to the new patent, Xiaomi phones will notify their users if their batteries are swollen or have any health problems and will enable them to take action.

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The company, which was working on a new feature by obtaining a patent for swelling batteries, received this patent last month. The company, which has recently shared its details, once again demonstrated the importance it attaches to its users with this development. With the new technology, the devices can be used more safely. The feature that will allow us to see battery-related problems faster and sooner will also prevent the phones from being damaged.


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