Genshin Impact News: A new collaboration event with the miHoYo game is presented


Aloy, the protagonist of the PlayStation series Horizon, will appear as a character in another video game. This time we will see her in Genshin Impact, the open world game with gatcha mechanics to bring out characters from the Asian developer, miHoYo.

It is worth emphasizing that everything indicates that the only way to get Aloy will be through the version for PS5 and PS4. We assume this because the art shown by the game’s official Twitter account only indicates that and does not detail more information.

What is a fact is that this is a ‘reimagining’ of Aloy that fits perfectly with Genshin Impact’s style of drawing. The protagonist of Horizon will be accompanied by her traditional outfit, as well as her iconic bow.

Likewise, assuming that the players of this title do not know the heroine of Horizon, the official site of the game of miHoYo reveals a lot of history of this guest character, so much so that they do not skimp on giving certainly nailed spoilers.


Genshin Impact: How to Get Aloy

One detail that we must not lose sight of is that Aloy will be a free character for all Genshin Impact users. This means that both mobile game and console users will be able to have it in their character lineup.

Be careful, the only question here is when she will be available. According to official information, Aloy will come to Genshin Impact on PS4 and PS5 with update 2.1, while on other devices we will see it in 2.2.

Still don’t get into this title? Well, maybe this is the opportunity you were looking for to enjoy a free-to-play certainly popular with many users. Share your adventure through our Discord.


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