Russian technology editor Vladimir Fetisov announced that, referring to the Russian website Kommersant, his country’s bank, Sberbank, has bought all the shares of the hybrid car manufacturer Yo-Engineering. It was learned that he bought all the shares of the Belarusian company named Keiji Impex through the company named Digital Assets LLC. Thus, Yo-Mobile is now fully Russian capital.



Sberbank confirmed the accuracy of these reports, but did not reveal how much it bought the shares. Sber Automotive Technologies and Yo-Engineering will work together in the production of autonomous and unmanned vehicles, especially automobiles. Yandex team will also provide support in the field of car ecosystem production. First unmanned vehicle tests similar to Kia Ceed have been launched in Moscow. Sber Automotive Technologies will produce its own domestic hybrid vehicles in an all-Russian partnership.

Note that the Yo-engineering company conducted research and development for the Russian project of the Yo-Mobile hybrid car in the 2010s, and retained patents for the power unit. According to the available data, the owner of Keiji Impex, which has owned Yo-Engineering in recent years, is Andrey Ginzburg, who is also the head of Yo-Auto and the chief designer of the Yo-Mobile project.

According to experts, Sberbank strives to have a team of experienced automobile engineers who are difficult to find in the market right now. But analysts do not see a direct link between competencies in the development of electric vehicles and the creation of unmanned vehicles.


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