Xiaomi will achieve a new success in the smartphone industry with its camera patent. We all know that Xiaomi is one of the most powerful smartphone manufacturers. Manufacturers who want to take the lead in the smart phone industry continue to offer innovations to users every day. The smartphone manufacturer that is on the agenda with these innovations is undoubtedly Xiaomi. In fact, air charging technology for smartphones, which it introduced yesterday, caused a great surprise to users. Not only that, the Chinese manufacturer has now filed a new patent application for smartphone cameras.



According to the news of Media91 Mobilies, the Chinese manufacturer applied for a new patent technology developed by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization). With this patent, smartphone cameras can be distinguished from each other.

According to the patent drawing, more lenses can be placed on smartphone cameras with magnetic suspension technology. The new technology will have a timer that will look like a rear camera on smartphones in normal view. Thus, front camera functions such as video calling and taking photos will be able to function as a front camera when needed. In addition, users will be able to remove the module from their smartphones whenever they want.

However, the patent image only shows how the camera module is placed on the smartphone. Nevertheless, based on this image, it is predicted that the new camera module can function with magnets, receivers and wireless transmission modules. Thus, perforated screen designs and notched screen designs in smartphones that we encounter today will come to an end. However, with this technology, it is also a big curiosity how smart phones can protect against dust and water.


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