Nubia has been in constant competition with ASUS when it comes to gaming phones. Nubia is trying to be more advantageous in cooling, especially since the 12 GB RAM feature has been seen frequently in flagship phones recently. Ni Fei, Nubia’s brand manager, announced at Weibo that the Nubia Red Magic 6 model will come with a renewed cooling system.



Making a statement on behalf of the ZTE company, Ni Fei announced that the phone will have a powered fan. Red Magic 6, on the other hand, announced that it will have a nine-axis spatial sensor that tracks the movement of the phone. In the new advertisement of Nubia, this innovation was depicted as the phone floating in the air. Although it is a very interesting exaggeration, we can say that he has correctly demonstrated the function of Nubia.

The ability to cool the phone not only while actively using it, but also while charging, will extend the life of the phone. In addition to cooling the chipset, we anticipate that the fan could come in handy for cooling the device while charging, while allowing better performance under sustained load. This will be very necessary if the device will use 120W charging, which was announced by tipsters a long time ago but not yet approved. While this powerful charging support might be on the Red Magic 6 Pro, the Red Magic 6 can provide equal 66W fast charging.

We will present it to you in detail after new official data about the phone emerges.


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