According to the information received today, Nubia Red Magic 6 will appear with a technology that has not been used until today. 12GB of RAM will be 18GB. How Does?


In the smartphone market recently there is an 18GB RAM correspondent going. In a report we made yesterday, we said that the Asus ROG Phone 5 series will have 18GB of RAM. Today, Nubia President Ni Fei made very important and incredible statements about the RAM technology of the Nubia Red Magic 6 player phone. Because this new technology can seriously change the mobile market.

Ni Fei said in a statement that the Nubia Red Magic 6 will be equipped with a new technology called Magic Write 2.0. Magic Write 2.0 technology is a fast read and write storage technology that is part of the Arc Reactor’s performance engine and includes smart CPU, GPU and memory usage. The manufacturer states that the device’s hardware optimizations result in faster mobile game launches, faster in-game loading times and faster response times.

However, Ni Fei, president of Nubia, also added that the RAM boost technology allows the Red Magic 6’s 12GB RAM to be used as if it had 18GB of RAM for users. The smartphone also supports fast virtual expansion technology that allows you to expand the memory. This seems to provide smoother gameplay, faster response times, and other benefits.

This technology can seriously change the balances in the mobile market. Less hardware means less price. Let’s see what this technology can offer us in games.


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