Numerous fraud cases happening in the Bitcoin ATM harassed the grocery store. Saying “I am sick and tired,” the grocery store found the remedy hanging on the machine with a huge warning message.

The owner of a grocery store located in Winnipeg, the capital of Canada’s Manitoba state, is weary of frauds at the Bitcoin ATM inside.

While many people using ATM came with grocery fraud complaints, the shopkeeper found the remedy by placing a warning letter on the ATM with a large paper.

Speaking to Global News, one of the country’s local news outlets, Zeid said, “Many people receive phone calls telling them to deposit their money into Bitcoin in addition to Manitoba Hydro.” says. While CRA is the tax office of Canada, Manitoba Hydro is a company that provides electricity and natural gas distribution to Manitoba state.

Zeid and his staff say these events occur several times a week. “Yesterday a mother was here and said she gave all her savings to them,” says Aura Morissette, who works in the shop. The situation he fell in was deplorable, he looked very sad. ” He speaks in the form. The employee also stated that they struggled to prevent customers from falling victim to a fraud and warned when they saw someone talking on the phone while using the Bitcoin ATM.

Zeid says that he is tired of this situation and wants to remove the device from his shop:

“It was getting very frustrating and I called the owner to lift the device.”

It is considered that this incident in Bitcoin ATM may be linked to another event in Alberta state. It is stated that fraudsters are trying to force Bitcoin from victims by imitating local officials.


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