NVIDIA Ampere A100, which entered the render test on OctaneBench, gained 446 points and became the fastest graphics card of all time. The graphics card performed 38% better than Titan RTX.

NVIDIA, which is the leader of the video card industry today, will be selling the graphics cards with Ampere architecture that we are waiting for in September. While we are looking forward to seeing how graphics cards will perform in this period when we look forward to these video cards, there was an answer to our curiosity.

NVIDIA’s flagship graphics A100 with Ampere architecture has managed to set a new world record in the new tests. NVIDIA Ampere A100, the largest graphics card produced using 7 nm technology, has succeeded to be the fastest graphics card that has been tested in rendering tests on OctaneBench.

NVIDIA Ampere A100 performed 38% better than Titan RTX:

According to OctaneBench test results shared on Twitter by OTOY CEO Jules Urbach, NVIDIA’s Ampere A100 graphics card is 43% faster than Turing architecture graphics cards. Moreover, the Ampere A100 graphics card does this without even using RTX technology. NVIDIA Ampere A100 graphics card was able to get 446 points from the render test it entered on OctaneBench.

Although the NVIDIA Ampere A100 is faster than the Turing architecture graphics card, Ampere A100 really did an extraordinary job given the other graphics cards that have been tested on the platform. Tesla V100, which had previously been tested on OctaneBench, achieved 20% lower results in the same tests, while Titan RTX had 38% lower results than Ampere A100 graphics card.

NVIDIA stated in its previous statement that the new Ampere architecture will provide unprecedented acceleration at every scale. NVIDIA’s Ampere A100 graphics cards would also be available on Google Cloud. NVIDIA Ampere A100 includes 54 billion transistors on the chip produced with 7 nm technology.


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