Unlike Nvidia, which is claimed to return to TSMC for a while, it deepens its partnership with Samsung. The two companies signed a new agreement for nearly two-fold increase in capacity.

As is known, Nvidia’s new Ampere architecture is built on two different processes. While the A100 accelerators on the server side were produced in the 7nm process of TSMC, the RTX 3000 series was entrusted to Samsung in the 8nm process considering a little more cost and free space.

Samsung again in the new era
Claims that Nvidia will move the SUPER series to TSMC tapes after the current RTX 3000 series have been on the agenda for a while, but surprisingly, the partnership with Samsung was decided to be deepened.

TSMC is extremely advanced in casting and owns half of the global EUV casting machines. The company, which is currently casting at 5nm level, plans to switch to the 3nm process in 2022.

Samsung has the largest casting capacity, but is not as good at production processes as its competitor. There are even productivity problems from time to time. However, it is the sector’s fastest delivering foundry.

It is stated that Nvidia aims at fast supply in order to prevent stock shortages in the GTX 3000 series and has decided to deepen the partnership with Samsung in this respect. It is stated that the signature signed as of December 17 has a value of over 500 million dollars. Samsung will double the capacity allocated to Nvidia as per the agreement.

Samsung had also begun producing 5nm LPE for Qualcomm. It also offers casting partnerships to important companies such as Google, IBM, Cisco, Baidu. With the new agreements, Samsung is expected to close this year with 14 billion dollars casting revenue. The firm will also invest another $ 8 billion in EUV processes beyond 7nm. In this way, the difference with TSMC is expected to close.


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