Nvidia has announced which mice will support the Reflex Latency Analyzer tool.
Nvidia’s Reflex technology is a huge advantage for users who own an Nvidia graphics card.

The company aims to minimize input lag by turning on this feature in compatible games. Although this feature is not a requirement for Skyrim or The Witcher 3, it can provide a serious advantage for players who play competitive games like Overwatch or CS: GO.

Players will be able to use Nvidia’s Latency Analyzer tool, which accurately measures the time that monitors’ pixels will respond to inputs to see performance data. According to Nvidia, for this kind of measurement, players had to use special equipment worth more than $ 7,000. However, with the new technology, users who own one of the Nvidia GPUs will be able to benefit from this feature with their G-Sync compatible monitors.

The new technology is still supported by a limited number of mice, but we expect Nvidia to make this feature available to many users in the future. Nvidia has previously used a similar advance in G-Sync technology. The new technology is a feature that significantly increases the overall input performance of the systems used by users. With these measurements, it will be revealed how much of the game lag is caused by the game itself, how much of the GPU and how much of it is caused by the monitor or mouse.

Reflex Latency Analyzer Assisted Mice
Acer: GM310, Predator Cestus 330, Predator Cestus 350
Alienware: AW610M
Asus: ROG Chakram Core
Corsair: Dark Core RGB PRO and PRO SE
Logitech G: Pro X Superlight
MSI: GM 41
Razer: Deathhadder V2
SteelSeries: Rival 3
Finally, let’s point out that the list is short yet, but the number of mice that will support this tool will increase in the near future.


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