With the 3rd generation Max-Q technology, Nvidia, which removed the necessary tokens for the users in naming the cards, took the necessary step upon the reactions. The TGP value will be listed.

In the past weeks, we shared that Nvidia removed the namings that inform the users about the power limit of the cards with the 3rd generation Max-Q technology.

Despite the Max-Q nomenclature, the situation, which was too confusing for users and could result in incorrect purchases, was taken to a more inconceivable dimension with Nvidia removing the Max-Q variant information.

Because the user who wanted to find out which of the Max-Q variants of the graphics card in the player laptop that he wanted to buy was up to 28, had to either wait for independent review teams or ask the manufacturer for the necessary information for each laptop.

Nvidia made it easy to get the wrong gaming laptop
Consequently, Nvidia’s taking a step to make it easier for consumers to buy the wrong gaming laptop was strongly reacted by the hardware world. Considering that there is a 30% performance difference between the cards, it was not a negligible situation that the information was not listed.

The green team finally listened to the criticism. Speaking to The Verge, he heralded that Nvidia made it a requirement for manufacturers to share the clock speed and power information of the Max-Q technology graphics card.

Users again won
Before this step, Nvidia only advised manufacturers to list the clock speed and power information of the cards. As a development that users will not easily forget, Schenker XMG listed the features before the recommendation, while ASUS and MSI shared technical details on Nvidia’s recommendation.

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Other manufacturers have not come close to clearly sharing the technical specifications of the cards they use in their laptops. At the end of the day, it was the users who made Nvidia return from its wrong decision with their reactions.


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