It is stated that the smugglers stole 300 Nvidia CMP 30HX miner graphics cards from an unidentified production facility before the packaging stage.

Due to the shortage of chips, video cards are also becoming difficult to find, which gave rise to black market dealers. There are frequent reports of graphics cards stolen even from factory lines. This time the news is from Hong Kong.

Nvidia CMP 30HX on the fishing boat
The Hong Kong Customs Department caught 300 Nvidia CMP 30HX mining graphics cards in a raid on a fishing boat near the airport. It is stated that the boat was used by a group of smugglers and there were some other items besides the graphics cards.

The fact that the graphics cards are not marked indicates that they were stolen from the production lines before they entered the final packaging. This means that labels for the specified orders are not placed. So even if the graphics cards are returned to the factory, they have to go into the repacking phase, which is a waste of time.

Although the number of 300 sounds like a small number, it may be the total number of cards that will go to a country in this period when there is a stock shortage. It seems that the problem will grow even more in the field of video cards, where smugglers are now starting to take their hands.


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