The GPU giant has finally taken the long-awaited step. All new Ampere cards will not be of use to miners. The new models will be produced resistant to mining.

While hardware lovers were anxiously waiting for cards that could not be found in stock, a good news came from Nvidia the other day. It seems that it’s now the turn to buy video cards for gamers.

New cards are innately resistant to mining
Good news continues to come after the announcement that the RTX 3060 will work with a performance limitation of close to 50% when used for cryptocurrency mining.

According to the share of a user, the ID of all RTX Ampere cards to be produced will be different from the same model cards in the market. ID differentiation, on the other hand, may be due to the fact that the new RTX 3000 solutions to be produced will come with a BIOS-level measure that will undermine the availability of crypto money mining, as in the RTX 3060. If the claim is true, we can observe an improvement in the stock shortage in the market with the launch of the new cards to be produced.

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