Although the GPU giant is expected to be used in the RTX 3060, the GPU he replaced at the last minute has surfaced. The company’s mid-segment card RTX 3060 will appear with the GA106-300 chip.

The GPU, which is expected to be used initially in the RTX 3060, the mid-segment card of the green team, has surfaced.

Nvidia GA106-400
As you may remember, the GA106-400 with 3840 CUDA cores was expected to be used prior to the introduction of the RTX 3060. On the other hand, the company, which changed at the last minute, included GA106-300, which contains 3584 transaction units.

The last image shared is of GA16-400. Six 16 Gbps memory, each with 2 GB capacity, are lined up around the chip.

The PCB with the same appearance as the GA106-300, on the other hand, is suitable to be converted to RTX 3060 Ti or RTX 3050 Ti. In addition, RTX 3060 Ti is accompanied by 8 14 Gbps memory with 1 GB capacity each. It should also be noted that GA104 and GA106 share the same package.


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