According to rumors, NVIDIA is preparing to replace power connections on 30 series graphics cards. Although this change decision does not seem very important, it may have serious consequences.

Collecting your own computer or updating your existing computer is a very exciting and fun activity for many people. Seeing that a part is completely incompatible with the rest of the system can eliminate all enjoyment in an instant.

NVIDIA’s next generation graphics cards can create a similar problem for PC enthusiasts who are not careful. Judging by the claims, the company will use a different power input than what we have seen before in new generation graphics cards.

NVIDIA shifts power input

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti will have a different power input, according to the alleged circulation in internet backstage. If the rumors are correct, it may be necessary to pay for the connection equipment on the card, which is already quite expensive.

It is suggested that all of NVIDIA’s 30 series cards will use the new Ampere architecture and will have a 12 pin power interface. According to claims previously made in various sources, this new 12 pin power connector will be produced to meet the high energy needs of the cards.

The problem with the new power input is not due to its dimensions. The source of the problem is shown as the arrangement of the pins on the port. This means that people who want to switch to new cards may also need to replace power support units. Gamers, on the other hand, do not look at this new idea of ​​power input.

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Links may change in the future

New generation cards and hardware will of course require new connections at some point. Almost all kinds of products are developing, of course, less visible equipment will also improve. On the other hand, it seems possible for different cables to come out of the boxes, which can provide connection in new cards.

NVIDIA’s decision on paper is quite logical. We have seen that graphics cards have become much more advanced with each new version. When we look at the technical characteristics of the new card, it becomes clear that it may need up to 600W. While it is difficult to say something precise without an official statement, it will not be surprising for NVIDIA to present a new entry.


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