NVIDIA has announced that it limits the hash value of RTX 3060 graphics cards to half in order to avoid the stock problem in graphics cards.

NVIDIA, which does not want to have stock problems for the RTX 3060, which will be released as of February 25, announced that it limits the hash value of the graphics card to reach the hands of players instead of crypto money miners.

The fact that Bitcoin exceeded the $ 50,000 level and sub-coins increased similarly, revitalized the cryptocurrency mining industry. Unfortunately, the stock problem, which was also experienced for AMD’s RX 400 and 500 series and NVIDIA’s GTX 10 series cards, started to be experienced for the RTX 30 series.

The increased mining performance of NVIDIA, especially with the Ampere architecture, has made the RTX 30 series a unique option for crypto miners. At this point, we witnessed that internet cafes abroad also use their existing computers as a mining rig with RTX 3080.

Having learned the lesson from all of these, NVIDIA aims to reduce the hash value for the affordable RTX 3060 by half, and ensure that the card reaches players instead of crypto miners.

Mining Dedicated GPU
It should be noted that the company, which tries to prevent the stock problem in this way, does not forget the crypto money miners. NVIDIA, working on a graphics card specially designed for crypto money mining, does not want to lose the vitality in this market. At this point, the company, which introduced the chip called NVIDIA CMP HX (Cryptocurrency Mining Processor), also shared a table with the hash values ​​of various models.

These graphics cards specially designed for miners also have various advantages. Thanks to these cards, whose power consumption has been reduced thanks to low voltage levels and frequencies, electricity costs are reduced. Thus, the profit margin increases.

The first CMP cards will be available at the end of March, and more powerful models will arrive in the second quarter.

Finally, let’s say that NVIDIA’s move for the RTX 3060 is on vBIOS and directly on the GPU chip, it is not clear whether this will be overcome by installing different vBIOS.


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