The GPU giant gave a few hints about what to expect from the online event it will organize in the coming days with the content it shared on Twitter. Apparently mobile Amps are on the way.

After the stock shortage of RTX 3000 cards, hardware lovers started to wait for mobile options. The company may detail its models in the coming days.

Mobile Ampere solutions are coming
According to the sharing from Nvidia’s official Twitter account, mobile cards are on the way. In addition to this detail that can be understood from the notebook images, the compression of the frames similar to the side surface of the RTX 3000 Founders Edition cards made us wonder about the RTX 3060 12 GB, which we were eagerly anticipating.

In addition, a GPU image in the short video is deemed by Nvidia to confirm that ReSize BAR support will also be offered to the mobile channel.

In addition, the presence of a visual of Outriders developed by People Can Fly suggests that the upcoming production can be supported with technologies specific to Nvidia.

After the free demo to be released on February 25, the game will be released on April 1. Finally, let’s state that Nvidia will organize its online event on January 12th.


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