After the announcement made in the past weeks, players are excitedly waiting for the day when the video card stock problem in the market will be resolved. Nvidia top level miner card has up-to-date architecture.

After the GPU giant’s blog post on miner cards, details about the cards developed for cryptocurrency mining started to come to light.

Current architecture card for miners
One of the 4 shared miner cards will apparently rise on the current Ampere architecture. While the CMP 90HX model is expected to use the PG132 card, which is also used in the RTX 3080, it is expected to use the GA102-100 GPU.

While it is stated that the model with 320 watt TGP will be positioned 10 GB memory, no details about the memory type and CUDA number are shared. We have shared with you in the past months that there was a shortage of GDDR6-GDDR6X memory stock. We hope that a memory preference will not affect the players.

On the other hand, the fact that the chips used can not be offered to the players due to the faulty Tensor, RT, TMU or ROP units, removes our concern to some extent. Finally, it should be noted that in addition to not including video output in order to reduce the cost, low-cost coolers will be included compared to player solutions.


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